Magical Music

This week, the musicians had their last concert of the year. Parents came to watch how much the children have learned in their lessons and it is clear to see how much the children have enjoyed playing.

In English, we have been continuing reading The BFG. This week we wrote instructions on how to make ‘frobscottle’, dramatised the Bloodbottler scene, and wrote a play script using lots of giant language. Great work school chiddlers!

We experimented with which shape would fall through water the quickest in Science. We found that the cone fell the quickest as it was the most streamlined object and it created the least amount of water resistance. Can you remember what sea creatures have the same properties as the cone? Why do they need to be streamlined?

On Thursday 18th July, St. Charles’ will feature in the ‘Our School’ section of the Chronicle. Don’t forget to grab your copy to see all of the fantastic articles which were written and edited by the Year 5 children!

See you next week for the LAST EVER WEEK IN YEAR 5! Image result for sad face emoji

Enjoy your weekend.

-Mrs Kelly




Transition Day

Today, the children met their new teacher for next year…Mrs Binney! They did activities so that they could get to know her and she could find out all about the children.

On Tuesday in Topic, the children were learning to use four and six figure grid references. We got out the OS maps to learn about how we can use these grid references to locate different features. We looked at the Tyne Bridge, St. James’ Park and even found our school! What else did you see?

On Wednesday and Thursday we were learning new skills on our bikes. We know how to ride safely and check that our bike is road ready!

Have a great weekend everyone; I will see you Monday!

-Mrs Kelly


Sports Day!

All of KS2 joined together this morning to compete in a variety of events from blindfolded football to long distance relay. The children’s attitude towards the competition was fantastic and everyone should be proud of themselves! Well done to the white team who achieved the most amount of points and were crowned this year’s winners!


We also released our class pets today. We have watched them grow from caterpillars into butterflies through the process of metamorphosis. Thanks to Bella for bringing in the kit which allowed us to do this.

Remember, next week is Bike-ability (Wednesday and Thursday). Don’t forget to bring your bike on both days and wear appropriate clothing (long sleeves and tracksuit bottoms).

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Mrs Kelly



Celebration Assembly Success

Today was our celebration assembly in year 5. The children  put in so much hard work to create and refine their assembly for you to see all of the fantastic things they have learnt all year. Thank you to everyone who was able to make the assembly today; the children were thrilled to see you. Also, a huge thank you to everyone for supporting your child’s learning at home throughout the year.

In English this week, we have been preparing to write our own play script on ‘A Knight’s Tale’; a story from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Cantebury Tales. The children enjoyed re-enacting a scene through drama.

In PE, we were working on our fundamental skills including strength and agility. We split into groups and did circuits on the yard to some of our favourite songs. The children loved the session!

On Wednesday, we had our school nurse in year 5 to talk to us all about personal hygiene as we are growing up.

On Tuesday, we visited St. Mary’s for their summer festival day. We had mini lessons to see what it would be like in St. Mary’s (including Russian!) and did some great PE activities.

Next week we will be seeing what it’s like at St. Cuthbert’s and Sacred Heart. See you next Monday!

-Mrs Kelly



Optional Homework Extravaganza!

I was amazed at the time and effort put in to the children’s optional homework. Thank you for all of the research you have carried out at home and the amazing design skills shown in your models (or, in Bea’s case, edible model!).

This week, we have completed a workshop from GEM Education where we learned some new Microsoft Office skills using Excel.

Did you know that, on the days in which we don’t have PE, we go out and do ‘The Daily Mile’? The Daily Mile is a social physical activity, with children running or jogging – at their own pace – in the fresh air with friends. The aim is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and well being – regardless of age or ability.

Well done to the 10 children who took part in the cycling competition. Aidan and Diana came first in their heats and second in the finals! Great work.

On Friday, we enjoyed coming to school without even getting ready! Thank you for all of your kind donations to help raise money for ‘Book Trust’ on pajama day.


See you next week!

-Mrs Kelly




What a week we have had here in St. Charles! The school has been filled with laughter, wonder and excitement as STEM week was kicked off with a staff mannequin challenge at the front entrance. It was super hard trying to keep still whilst all of the children were so curious about what was happening!

We then had an assembly full of wacky science challenges to test our initial understanding of what STEM is all about!

On Monday, we sorted the creatures in Alice in wonderland in to scientific classification webs.

We also used alka-seltzer to make rockets; the water molecules spread out when it is mixed with water to create a gas. We had to design a rocket to fly Alice up and out of the rabbit hole in a flash!

On Tuesday, we tried out hand at design technology. We had to design a healthy snack to take along to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We started with product testing, designed the packaging, made our product and got some consumer feedback from our friends in school. How did your snack taste?

On Wednesday, we had an amazing workshop with some scientists from Newcastle University.

Our next challenge was to make the Queen of Hearts a new playing surface for her croquet match. She wanted it to be a solid AND a liquid! Can you remember the science behind how we managed to make this mixture? Think about the particles…

The next challenge was to make a car that would travel Alice across Wonderland and to the mushroom where she needed to be. To do this, we used our engineering skills to design a car which met the product specification.

Our families were invited into school to see what we had been up to all week. The children demonstrated fantastically to give them a real taste of what STEM is all about. Thanks for coming!

Finally, we all went out on to the yard to crown the winners of the STEM week competition. Well done to Reception class who conducted some fantastic scientific experiments this week which earned them the most cards! Mrs Bickle (a.k.a. The Chesire Cat) was able to choose who she would like to be dunked; Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were the unlucky ones this year!

Thanks for a great week year 5! I hope you enjoy your break and I will see you in a week for our final half term!

-Mrs Kelly



Our School!

This week, as the year 6 children have been busy with SATs, year 5 took the opportunity to use the computers to write our newspaper articles for The Chronicle. The children have really took on the role of journalists by deciding what events at school this year have been newspaper worthy, interviewing pupils and staff, and typing up our stories. This will feature in The Chronicle in the summer term!

In maths, we have been working on translating and reflecting shapes. The children were able to use mirrors and practical activities to move shapes around accurately within the first quadrant.

We have been experimenting with the effects of friction in science this week by testing different materials to see which would be best to make a brake pad for a tricycle company. Our results were fairly mixed. Can you remember which the best material was to stop the tyre safely?

In topic this week, we wrote an explanation text on how to mummify a body. It was pretty gross but the quality of the children’s writing was fantastic! Well done everyone.

Also this week, we received our latest penpal letters! We will need to take some time to write back to our friends in Germany and answer all of their interesting questions.


Finally, as part of our new allotment topic for next half term, some of the year 5 children (with the help of nursery) planted some seeds for the forest school. Hopefully we can watch them grow and even plant some fruits and vegetables for ourselves!

See you next week! I wonder what’s in store…

-Mrs Kelly